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A Gold for IOI Acidchem Sdn Bhd in the ICC 2018

IOI Oleochemical IOI Oleochemical

A team from IOI Acidchem Sdn Bhd comprising of several functional leaders from engineering, quality assurance, production and utility departments participated in the Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) Northern Region Convention 2018 and managed to be crowned the Gold Award with their “Vapour Absorption Chiller (VAC)” project.

In contrast to conventional chiller which consumes electricity to produce cold water, the VAC utilises the hot water produced by the excessive heat generated in the chimney to produce cold water which to be used in the manufacturing process. As a result, it achieves great electricity savings by eliminating the need for compressor. Moreover, it is also more environmental friendly because of the less heat being generated from the chimney.

Being held for more than two decades, the ICC requires a small group of workers to investigate and analyse a problem related to their work and propose on how to solve the problem via the problem solving process. Among the tools utilised include the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle and 5W 1 H (What, When, Why, Who and Where, How) approach.

IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd Wins

Exceptional Achievement Award

IOI Oleochemical IOI Oleochemical IOI Oleochemical

IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd (IOI Pan-Cen Oleo) has received a momentous recognition at the Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award (PMHA) 2016/17 ceremony held on 23 March 2018. It took home the “Exceptional Achievement” award for its exemplary performance in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. This is IOI Pan-Cen Oleo’s first participation in the award.

IOI Oleochemical Industries Berhad Executive Director Mr Tan Kean Hua received the award from the Director General of the Economic Planning Unit under the Prime Minister’s Department, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Nik Azman bin Nik Abdul Majid, who also represented the Deputy Prime Minister during the award ceremony.

IOI Pan-Cen Oleo bagged the award as a result of the top management’s commitment in building a greener operational environment through various environmental programmes including having collaborations with external research institutions such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO), initiating corporate social responsibility programmes with local authorities and communities, involvement in green environmental projects like Rain Water Harvesting, Biogas Capturing and Utilisation, Flue Gas Heat Recovery, and efficient resource management through Energy Management Systems and Total Productive Maintenance.

The award served to further catalyse the company’s objective in meeting the expectation of the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. At the same time, it also provides the company the opportunity to recognise the importance of protecting the environment. IOI Pan-Cen Oleo will continue its momentum to work towards achieving environmental excellence by implementing the combined heat and power generation system, and reverse osmosis system for its final discharge in the near future.

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