IOI Oleochemicals

Starting from zero-base in 1980, our humble but bold initiative pioneered the palm-based oleochemical industry in the world. With the inception of our inaugural manufacturing facility, we were then the first and only oleochemical plant that produces exclusively palm-based oleochemicals. Today, the Oleochemical Division of IOI Corporation is the leading producer of vegetable oil-based fatty acids. Its production capacity per annum is approximately 780,000MT. The manufacturing facilities are suitably located in Prai and Pasir Gudang.

Prai This production facility is located in Prai, Penang, and the main products manufactured are fatty acids, glycerine, fatty esters and soap noodles. Its annual production capacity is 370,000MT for fatty acids, 40,000MT for glycerine, 75,000MT for soap noodles and 32,000MT (including new capacity) for esters.

Pasir Gudang This facility is one of the world’s largest single-location vertically integrated palm oil refinery and oleochemical complexes located in Pasir Gudang, Johor. It has annual production capacities of approximately 350,000MT for fatty acids, 36,000MT for glycerine and 150,000MT for soap noodles.

We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality Palmac® Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Palmsabun® Soap Noodles and Palmsurf ® Esters that are Kosher for Passover, Halal, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and RSPO-certified compliant. These are produced from world-class manufacturing facilities and exported to more than 65 countries through extensive logistic distributions inclusive bulk storage facilities in Europe, Japan and the United States and supported by our dynamic network of agents and distributors.

Our commitment extends beyond products to include services and technical support in line with our theme “CULTIVATING PARTNERSHIP, ENHANCING VALUE.” We offer customization and are keen to develop our customers’ aspirations to grow together.

Manufacturing Site

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Pasir Gudang
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