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Palmsurf® fatty esters are exceptionally high purity grade esters derived from fatty acids of vegetable oil. We employ a continuous reactive distillation technology which is capable of producing esters of very high purity (up to 99.8%). The esters made from this technology is safer in terms of product quality. Unlike conventional chemical process, our technology does not form hazardous by products such as isopropyl toluene and other related sulfonates.

Apart from meeting stringent pharmacopeia standard, we are able to offer ECOCERT/COSMOS certified Palmsurf® fatty esters which are produced to the highest standard for natural cosmetics as defined by the French and European legislation on cosmetic products. Rest assured that we use natural resources responsibly, our production facilities are clean and respectful of human health and the environment, and we integrate the concept of “Green Chemistry” as outlined in COSMOS-standard. Find out more here or contact us.



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