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Product Applications and Benefits

Due to its versatility, our products can be used in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • in the pharmaceutical industry as neutral carrier or skin penetrating agent or viscosity regulator or emollient;
  • as base ingredient or additive in food applications, as wetting agent to improve the efficacy of pigment and powder in cosmetics;
  • as fragrant fixative in perfumes, as solvent in sunscreen;
  • as lubricant in metal working industry;
  • as solvents and rheology modifiers in printing industry;
  • as additive to enhance flexibility and durability in polymer industry;
  • as dispersing agent in coffee creamers;
  • as anti-staling agent in bakery;
  • as coating in polymer industry
  • as specialty and fine chemicals
  • and many more.

Plant based oleochemicals, alternative to animal sources oleochemical or petrochemical
Environmental friendly and readily biodegradable compared to petrochemical. Find out more at our sustainability page.
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