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Marketplace and Supply Chain

We aim to build a traceable and transparent supply chain and we support the production of RSPO products.

Responsible Palm Oil

At IOI, we are committed to the production of palm oil in a sustainable manner based on economic, social and environment viability. Our parent company, IOI Corporation is a founding member of RSPO and is on executive board. With their active contribution and support, IOI Oleochemicals aspires to supply our customers with products from sustainable and environmental friendly practices. Today, all IOI Oleochemical facilities have successfully obtained the RSPO Supply Chain Certification.

Oleochemicals can be difficult to source from sustainable sources due to its very long and highly complex supply chains. Our products are midstream products which will be used by one or more players along the supply chain before they reach end consumers. Realising the importance of our role in supplying sustainable products in the supply chains, like our parent company IOI Corporation, we also take part in global palm initiatives and work actively with various stakeholders in order to drive change for oleoderivatives.

In May 2012, IOI Oleochemical led the ASEAN Oleochemical Manufacturer’s Group (AOMG) on RSPO and work closely with major oleochemical producers on matters relating to RSPO-certified oleochemicals. IOI Oleochemical is a Steering Committee member of the RSPO Oleochemical and Derivatives Working Group which drafts the RSPO Rules on Oleochemicals and Derivatives, as well as a member of the RSPO Trade and Traceability Standing Committee (T&T SC) that contributes to the interest of trade, traceability and related matters with respect to RSPO-certified Oleochemicals and Derivatives.

We were among the first to supply the RSPO Mass Balance and Segregated oleochemicals and we are still promoting and encouraging more use of RSPO certified products.

Journey of Sustainability

January 2011

IOI Corporation Berhad, IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd, IOI Pan-Century Edible Oils Sdn Bhd,IOI Commodity Trading first RSPO certification.

May 2011

IOI Acidchem Sdn Bhd certified with RSPO SCCS.

December 2013

IOI Corporation Berhad's 12 mills and estate are certified with RSPO.

September 2016

IOI Group first traceability report.

August 2016

IOI Oleo GmbH certified with RSPO SCCS.

November 2015

IOI Esterchem(M) Sdn Bhd certified with RSPO SCCS.

June 2014

IOI Corporation Berhad's 12 palm oil mills and supply base in Malaysia are certified with ISCC.

    December 2016

  • IOI Group launched online company's dashboard namely Palm Oil Dashboard.
  • IOI Corporation Berhad is committed to implement RSPO NEXT in our Malaysia plantations.

September 2017

IOI Corporation Berhad is 100% traceble to own plantation .

    March 2019

  • Two of IOI Oleo operation upgrades Occupational Health & Safety ("OHS") Management System to ISO 45001:2018.
  • Social contribution following the national pollution crisis in Sungai Kim Kim, Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.

February 2019

IOI Corporation Berhad and Aidenvironment entered into an agreement to work together on the group-level risk assessment of IOI'S third-party suppliers.

    January 2019

  • IOI Corporation Berhad's 14 mills and estate are certified with RSPO; 11 mills and estate certified with MSPO.
  • IOI has achieved another important milestone in its sustainability performance by making good progress in the Carbon Disclosure Programme ("CDP") 2018 survey, organised by CDP, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes corporate transparency and the measurement of environmental action.

June 2019

The Phase 2 verification of IOI's sustainability commitments implementation, which involved "Field Assessment" as well as some "Document Review and Consultation" activities, was completed with the publication of a report by Proforest.

November 2019

IOI Corporation Berhad is 100% Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil ("MSPO")-certified across its 84 estates and 14 mills in Malaysia.

June 2019

IOI Oleo conducted a Sustainability Steering Committee Meeting to discuss on matters such as sustainability performance against targets and goals, polocies, resources, major projects, etc.

    June 2020

  • IOI released its revised SPOP. The latest revision was based on industry's best practices and inputs from engagements with relevent stakeholders. The policy has been further expanded to strengthen our commitments on women empowerment, biodiversity and NDPE, etc.
  • IOI's Responsible Sourcing Guidelines ("RSG") was also introduced to give further clarity on IOI's roles and commitments in the supply chain.


Transparency and stakeholder engagement are two important elements of our commitment to sustainability, we are committed to build a traceable, transparent supply chain according to timelines underlined in the IOI Group Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

Find out the traceability of origin of our oil here: IOI Group Palm Oil Dashboard - Our group’s public dashboard reporting tool to highlight the origin of our oil, a risk assessment and supplier verification associated with the source of our oil as well as latest updates.

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